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Kerry G. Denson, Brigadier General (Retired)

Motivational Keynote Speaker, Leadership Keynote Speaker, Military Leader Speaker

Humorous, Dynamic, Take Home and Use Presentation

General Denson delivers down to earth, take home and use leadership presentations based on his own experiences, not theory from a book. His delivery is a humorous, dynamic, pay attention method that has earned him the respect of his former military leaders and today’s business and industry leaders. He will gear his presentations to meet your company’s requirements. After this experience you, your first line supervisors, mid level management or senior organizational leaders will do something better for you, your subordinates and your organization beginning TOMORROW!

An Experienced Leader, A “Battle-Tested” Message

General Denson draws on his more than forty years of leadership experience. He is a highly decorated combat pilot who has lead every size organization from his own aircraft crew in combat to over 7,700 soldiers. During his career he set goals and objectives for units training for combat and selected the leaders that lead these units into combat. great way to open a meeting of your organization’s leaders or set the tone for opening a conference, General Denson will inspire and give examples of down to earth leadership that will have an immediate and positive impact on your leaders, employees and organization.

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