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Leadership Motivational Speaker, Keynote Speaker

“General Denson’s presentation was dynamic and fun while at the same time serious. If we use the tools he suggested, no doubt we will improve morale, have less absenteeism, decreased employee turnover as well as a better bottom line.”

Gary Kerslake
Suby, Von Haden & Associates, S.C.

“General Denson, your presentation has received very positive feedback from all of our supervisors. You have been ‘The Talk of the Beach’

Duane Argall
Human Resources Coordinator
Pont Beach Nuclear Plant
Two Rivers, WI

“We had General Denson speak to part of our organization previously, now we are having him present to our entire Milwaukee Chapter. His message is so useable and common sense we all need to hear it. He is very dynamic and entertaining, with a solid message.”

Joanna Weyers
The Association of Operations Management
President, Milwaukee Chapter

“Just a note to say thanks. Your presentation to our supervisors was the best we have ever had. Everything you said made sense and we can do it ourselves. I have sent your information to our headquarters in Chicago, we need you all over our organization. Thanks again.”

Jane Hemberger
Federal Security Director
Transportation Security Administration
Madison, WI

“Gen. Denson, thank you for addressing our students at the recent ceremony. Your message on leadership and personal responsibility was well received and powerful. Seldom do we have students and parents comment to us on the quality and subject of a speaker. You clearly understand the role of leadership in an organization.”

Clark R. Backus
Marquette University
Milwaukee, WI

“Kerry Denson is an extremely effective speaker – and not at all what one might think of when they hear a General will be speaking! Kerry’s demeanor is consummately professional and his delivery embodies a subdued energy. In six or seven years of hosting monthly speakers for Wisconsin Business Owners, I’ve only had a handful of speakers so insightful, thought-provoking and genuine that they created electricity in the room. General Denson is one of those speakers.”

Keith Klein
Wisconsin Business Owners

“General Denson was awesome; I would recommend him as a motivational speaker. General Denson presented great information about being a leader and with real world – make that Brigadier General – experience to back it up. I would love to hear his whole program or do a mentoring session with him. Thanks for the great speech, and thank you for your service to our country!”

Burton Robertson

“General Denson hit the nail on the head about motivation and leadership. His background offers additional creditability when he speaks on the subject. He has a great presentation style that keeps you riveted to each point and story. In addition, he packed a lot of good information is a very short amount of time. We really need to hear more!”

Lori Hayes

“Great presentation – wonderful speaker!”

Jeanine Dent
Owner and Managing Partner
The Networking Community Midwest

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