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Travel and Expense Policy

Travel and Expense Policy

Leadership Presentation Speaker, Speaking Engagements

General Denson spent much of his career traveling for the US Government. The US Government policy has, and continues to be, to travel at the least cost. He has not changed that policy as a speaker.

Airline Travel

General Denson will book his own flights unless the client requests to do so. Client airline scheduling must be approved by General Denson in advance.

General Denson always flies coach and will schedule the least costly flight available that will meet his schedule.

Hotel Accommodations

General Denson will stay at the hotel recommended by the client. He desires to be in the same hotel as the conference. If he is speaking at a location other than the hotel, walking distance is desired.

General Denson always stays in a regular room, No Smoking.

Meals and Incidental Expenses (M&IE)

General Denson will charge the rate determined by the US Government, General Services Administration. You may access the schedule for your location at

General Denson will only charge for meals actually used, i.e.; if his plane schedule allows him to have breakfast at home, you will not be charged for that meal. If the client provides a meal, that meal will not be charged. His charge for meals is 30% of the Daily M&IE rate for breakfast and lunch and 40% for dinner. The rate varies by location. He will provide you with the rate for your location on request.

Rental Cars and Taxis

General Denson will travel at the least cost to the client. If a rental car is the least expensive he will utilize an “Economy Class” vehicle. If the client desires to provide transportation, arrangements must be approved in advance by General Denson. General Denson may use public transportation at his discretion.


Mileage is only charged if it is the sole means of travel to the event. The current rate is 45 cents per mile.

Expense Payment

Expenses will be billed to the client within ten days of the event and are due upon receipt. Using this policy expenses may be determined in advance and paid with the fee at the event.

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